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September, 2013

  1. How To Set Out Your Homework

    September 3, 2013 by Mr Richo

    How to set out your homework.

    (Use this advice and you can’t go wrong – enjoy!)


    • Begin by pasting in the header for the week. (Date, which book etc.) You can handwrite this if you wish.
    • You need to set out each section neatly using headings. You must make it easy to correct for your teacher and yourself.
    • Choose 1 activity from the Literacy section. (You can do more if you want to extend yourself.)
    • Choose 1 spelling activity. Write what it is as a heading. Get the words off the blogs. (Podcast)
    • Complete the science or integrated activity. Use a heading or cut out the activity sentence from the hard copy.
    • Complete the Maths Mate pages
    • Hand in your work on Friday



    Follow these steps and you are well on the way to producing quality homework.

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