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a May 26, 2014

  1. Recommend To A Friend

    May 26, 2014 by Mr Richo

    Here is the homework item 5R.

    Often students complain that they don’t have a book to read, or that they don’t know any good novels or chapter books to read.

    For homework this week we would like you to write a “Recommend to a friend” review, recommending a book to the Grade 5 students that you have enjoyed (see below for details of what to include). Even after this week of homework, feel free to have a look back over the reviews to find a new book to read, you might like to even add a new review after you have finished another book. Don’t forget to check out all of the Grade 5 blogs for book suggestions.

    Enjoying what you read is really important! If you’re not enjoying a book, then it is hard to finish it. When you enjoy what you reading, it encourages you to continue to read AND to read nightly! We expect that you read 30 minutes every night in Grade Five – and record in your Reading Diary App.

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    Each comment must include:

    1. The title and author of the book

    2. A SUMMARY of what the book is about (not giving away any crucial information) – be sure to include genre

    3. Reasons WHY you would recommend it to a friend

    4.  A star rating out of 5 stars


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