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a July 23, 2015

  1. Garden Bed Project

    July 23, 2015 by Mr Richo

    We are about to begin our ‘real life’ mathematics project about building a garden bed. What makes this real is that you need to investigate shopping options just like your parents might do when they are buying something for the home.

    You will learn more about mathematical concepts like volume. You will be working with a budget which requires you to cleverly work with money as you hunt down bargain prices.

    Go to the ‘Garden Bed’ page and view the task.

    Happy gardening!

    Extra instructions. (See further info in the design brief on the Garden Bed Page.)

    1. Show where it will be located

     1. Make a birds eye view plan of your house and back yard.

    Write in the measurements of the block of land along each side.

    Show where you want to place your garden bed on the block plan.

    (Your bed should be no bigger than an 18 metre perimeter.)

     Remember – the bigger the bed the bigger the volume you have to fill with soil.

    2. Shop around

     Decide whether you build from scratch or buy a pre made steel bed.

    3. Use your ‘Numbers’ app.

    Keep a record of costs. There are 4 main areas to spend your budget on.

    Show – cost of the bed, tools needed, soil, plants.

     4.Draw the final product.

    Show which plants go where.

    PS. We don’t actually get to make the garden but who knows? Your parents might want to use your design at home.

    (Mrs. Montgomery might also be interested.)

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