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Homework Week 4

July 31, 2015 by Mr Richo   

Below you will find a pdf of your homework sheets and link to the BtN video. Can’t wait to see your 5/5 quality work next Friday 7th August :)

Click here for the homework sheets

Screenshot 2015-07-28 09.57.24 copy


  1. Ethan B says:

    But Mr Richo It Says “8th” of August On The Sheet Which Date Is It?

  2. Ethan B says:

    Mr Richo, in the homework it says ” colour code the features” but it also says ” Remember to think of all the must haves and can haves” that’s the part I don’t get.

  3. Liam says:

    Mr Richo, I don’t understand the snakebite homework, I have asked my parents and they don’t get it either.

  4. Liam says:

    I forgot to add, I don’t know what to do on it.

    • ethbro15 says:

      Liam I didn’t get it ether you just need to search up on the Internet: the must haves and can haves for a procedure and write all the must haves in to your book colour code it then go onto the snakebite sheet and put the colours on there too.

    • Mr Richo says:

      Don’t forget the trip to Monty SC tomorrow if you are well.

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