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The Big Challenge

December 16, 2015 by Mr Richo   

The Grade 5 Challenge
  Competitors each Class  
60 metre sprint 2  
Push Up King or Queen 2 Last one still going.
Tunnel Ball 8  
Tennis ball throw 2  
Planking 2  
Boat Race 8 Like tunnel ball but pass a cup of water over heads. Run to front. Fill water from bucket if spilled. Most water in bucket wins.
Ring Toss 2  
Bean bag throw 2 Bags in a bucket.
Whole Grade hula hoop pass Whole Grade Class join hands and have to move the hoop all the way around the group. Can’t let go. Start again if you break.
Lower the stick 2 A cane is placed on two index fingers. Competitor must lower the stick from the waist and place it on the ground. Then 2nd person has a go. First   to lower twice wins.
Gymnastics 2 Best display in 20 seconds. Teachers vote.
Monkey Bar Hang 1 per grade Upper body strength


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  1. Rarnee says:

    Hey Mr. Richo,
    this is probably my last comment on the 5r blog while I’m a grade 5.
    What I really was commenting about was,
    I can’t find my buddy Christmas book and it’s not at my house I will have a huge look at school and I was very upset last night. If I can’t find it I can reprint the book and print some photos off the internet. I didn’t want to do this but I think I have know choice.
    From Rarnee

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