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Sports Reports

February 14, 2016 by Mr Richo   

Make a copy first!

Apollo Sports Report

My sport is____________________ Name


Hello I am _______








Don’t say!!!:

  • Good morning to parents teachers and students. Just say Hello.
  • Scores ended up to be… (The scores were…)
  • I was chosen to be captain; (We know that already.)
  • Sports awards will be handed out at a later date.
  • Don’t give a weather report.

Do say:

  • Who played well and why you think that.
  • What the coach said about your performance
  • What you think about the performance.
  • Say each word clearly –I played SOFTBALL for the Comets.


  • Other points:

PRACTICE your speech!!!!!

Show your speech to a teacher.

Use paragraphs.

You should save your report. Reports are important examples of your writing skill.


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