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Homework Week 6

February 29, 2016 by Mr Richo   

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.57.58 pm


  1. Selina says:

    Dear Mr Richo,
    I didn’t have any assigned work to do. So does it mean I don’t have any? Thanks


  2. Jack Trimcevski says:

    Hi Mr Richardson, can you please tell me what is the assigned homework for mathletics.


    • Mr Richo says:

      I had better look at your account tomorrow Jack. We can talk about it then. I need to see what it looks like on your iPad. See you then.

      Mr Richo

  3. Selina says:

    Dear mr Richo,

    How are we suppose to read the cartoon? It doesn’t have a link to access the article and its way too blurry to read of the homework page. Is there suppose to be a link? Thanks!!!


  4. Selina says:

    Dear Mr Richo,
    I’m really sorry to bother u again, but with task 3 (inquiry), do we make a poster like a big one with informations on it to bring to school about our big topic? If we do, I thought we had to do it in class.


    • Mr Richo says:

      No just make a larger big question display if you want. Don’t put your research things on it.We can talk more about it tomorrow.

  5. Selina says:

    Dear Mr Richo,

    On the cartoon, there were some words that were highlighted, does it mean that we have to learn them this week?


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