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Homework Week 7

March 6, 2016 by Mr Richo   

Homework T1W72016

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graphing page

graphing page 2



  1. SELINA says:

    Dear Mr Richo,

    With Task number 1, it says to complete the activities. What are the activities?

    From SELINA

  2. Charli says:

    To Mr Richo I can’t read the family headstone because it is way too blurry what should I do
    From Charli

    • Selina says:

      Dear Charli, I’m pretty sure that this is what is said on the family head stone.

      To the memory of William Woodash who departed his life 20’th Febuary 1924 aged 55 years. Bora A. S. Arrived in Australia 1_94. F______ father and ______ of Woodash.

      Sorry if that made no sense to you whatsoever but this is all I can read. The _ means something that I have no idea. From Selina (hopefully that helped)!

  3. Charli says:

    To Selina the activities are the nine questions write them in your homework book and answer them there is a few links to help you find the information
    Tell me if it doesn’t work Charli

  4. Selina says:

    Dear Mr Rîçhö

    I forgot to remind you to give me a test on mathematics. Can you please give me an assigned test? Thx Šëłïñã

  5. jack says:

    Dear Mr Richo
    can you please assign the mathletics test
    thanks Jack

  6. ethan says:

    Mr Richo I can’t read the headstone to answer the question . The picture is too blurry can you please post a clear headstone for the homework . Thanks Ethan

    • Mr Richo says:

      Hi Ethan – remember I said you can take a pic from the book like Rhiannon did today. Do it tomorrow – ask Rhiannon about it.

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