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Homework week 8

March 16, 2016 by Mr Richo   

Due: Monday 21st March, 2016


– Bring in an artefact for your Writer’s Notebook

– Camp payments due!


Task 1: English – Narratives

During class this week we have been exploring the text type narratives.

Complete the following worksheet ‘The legend of the three sisters’ in your homework book.


Task 2: Maths – Lattice Multiplication

During class this week you have learnt the lattice multiplication strategy to help you solve multiplication problems.

Complete the lattice multiplication worksheet in your homework book.


Task 3: Maths – Mathletics


  1. Complete the assigned tasks on your Mathletics.
  2. Complete an activity/game of your choice.



Task 4: Italian


Complete the attached Italian Homework document for Signora DiPierro and Signora Licastro.

Narrative Text

Lattice Activity 2

Italian homework



  1. jack says:

    Dear Mr Richo
    i haven’t had the mathletics assigned yet can you please assign it for me.


  2. Selina says:

    Dear Mr Richo,

    Since I was away on Thursday and Friday I forgot to take my homework book home. Is it ok if gave you my homework not in my homework book? And also for the Italian homework, do we stick it in our book or do we give it to you since its for Sigora Licastro? Thanks


    Ps I hope I didn’t miss anything!
    PPs I’m 95% sure that I’m coming on Monday! :):)

  3. Stoj (Liam) says:

    Dear Mr Richo,
    Do we have Inter-School Sports tommorow?

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