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BTN – Floods

June 6, 2016 by Mr Richo   


Watch the following BtN story and comment your answers to the question below as a quality comment.

1. Briefly summarise the BtN story.
2. Which parts of Australia were affected by the recent floods?
3. Water always finds the
a. Highest land
b. Lowest land
c. Flattest land
4. How is water channelled away in the city and country?
5. Complete the following sentence: The size and shape of rivers depends on…
6. What happens when a river bursts its banks?
7. By understanding how water moves, experts can sometimes predict where and when a flood is goingto hit. True or false?
8. Why did officials make the people in the St George are evacuate their homes?
9. What damage can flood water do?
10.Describe the images in the BtN Summer Flood story.
Think about what you have learnt while watching this BtN – if there was a flood in your area, what would you do? What resources would you need? Is the area you live in prone to flooding?



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