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a October 5, 2016

  1. Term 4 Space Unit

    October 5, 2016 by Mr Richo

    What is out there in space?

    1.Roles- Speaker, Director, Manager. (We will be making these today)

    You will wear a lanyard for each science lesson. Share the different roles within your


    2. Set up our Science Journals in our scrap books. (Leave a blank page at the start)

    A lot of activities in this unit will require hand drawn diagrams and sketches so date all of your entries in this book and give each page a heading.

    3. NIGHT AND DAY ACTIVITY- What do you think? Working in your groups complete the activity DAY AND NIGHT which makes 3 claims.


    a. The Sun goes around the Earth once a day

    b. The Earth goes around the Sun once a day

    c. The Earth spins around once a day

    1.  Draw a labelled scientific diagram (grey lead or black fine liner only with the title ‘Spinning in space’ in your science journals.
    2. Record your ideas about :

    – The size and shape of the Sun, Earth and Moon

    – The position of the Sun, Earth and Moon and

    – how the Sun, Earth and Moon might move in space

    You might show their movements  by lines with arrows or turning arrows.

    2. Once you have created a labelled diagram share it with a partner.

    To be continued…….


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