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BTN – Energy

June 4, 2017 by Mr Richo   


Wind Energy

View the BTN story below and answer the questions into your Inquiry book.

1. Describe the size of a wind turbine.
2. About how many wind farms are there in Australia?
3. All of the wind farms in Australia produce enough energy to power how many homes?
4. What did the Prime Minister say about wind farms recently?
5. What are the advantages of wind farms?
6. What are the disadvantages?
7. Why are some people opposed to wind farms?
8. What has the Government promised will happen by 2020?
9. Illustrate an aspect of this story.
10. What do you think about wind farms?


Solar Energy

Click on the link below and view the BTN story. Complete the following questions in your Inquiry book.

1. Briefly summarise the Solar Energy story.
2. Record in your book what you learnt about photons.
3. Which chemical element is used to make solar panels?
4. The flow of electrons through a solar panel is called _______________.
5. Solar power is a non-renewable energy. True or false? What does non-renewable mean?
6. What are the benefits of using solar energy?
7. What are the disadvantages?
8. Where in Australia are they going to build a solar farm?
9. How many homes will it power?
10. Do you think more people in Australia should install solar panels? Why or why not?


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