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Social media and your well being

August 20, 2017 by Mr Richo




1. Make a list of the social media sites that you are aware of.

2. What is the main idea of this article?

3.What do the experts suggest that will make Social Media a more positive experience?

4.What can be the negative health effects of social media?

5. In your opinion at what age should kids be able to use all social media. Why?

6. Look at the chart below – Which point is the most important to you and why?


  1. Noah says:

    Hi Mr Richo, for the homework i was thinking of doing a house business and you could make everyone need to buy a hose every 2 weeks or more.?

    • Mr Richo says:

      Hmmm. Can’t really make them – you would have to use your persuasive skills as a salesman to make it a success Noah.

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