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Mathematics on Monday

May 20, 2018 by Mr Richo   

Hi kids. Here are the challenges for today. (Monday May 21st)

Task 1. In your grid book.

Write the heading “Percentage”.

You need to write a first sentence that describes the meaning on “PERCENTAGE OF”.

Now write a second sentence that tells us the meaning of “PERCENTAGE OFF”.

You can watch the percentage movies again to help you.

Keep it neat and well set out.

Task 2.

Go to Google classroom and check send your definitions to me. Find the assignment I have posted.

Task 3

Watch this probability movie. Take some notes on a pad. You will need them later. Percentage and average are the important terms mentioned.You will see how percentage relates to probability.

Neatly make a diagram about the “Bag of Marbles” example. Add labels if you want. (Grid book)

Now do another example if there is time.



Click on this link for your extra challenge.

rounding and estimating-2ho9w2n


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