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Reading a transport timetable

June 5, 2018 by Mr Richo   

Hi guys

Next year many of you will need to travel by public transport to school. Here is a task to practice getting there on time.

Below is an example of a timetable you will find on the “Public Transport Victoria” website.

  1. You need to travel from Diamond Creek station on a PT bus to get to school. You need to allow time to walk from the bus stop to school.

Check out the PT timetable to find an appropriate bus.

Oh – and find a bus that takes you back to Diamond Creek station.

Write an explanation of the bus you need to catch. Screen capture the timetable and highlight the bus you are taking. Include information about walking times.

You can do this in your grid book and post it on Google Classroom for me to check. Or – if you are using lots of graphics you could choose an appropriate app to complete the task.

Want more challenge?? _ Plan a trip that involves bus and train. To the city? To the zoo? Wherever. Write how you will get there and what transport you need to catch.


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