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Meet the Film maker – Benjamin

October 30, 2018 by Mr Richo!/media/2280805/meet-student-film-maker-benjamin

Benjamin Griggs is a student film maker who describes the film making process as a roller coaster ride of emotions.

After watching this short video, think about what Benjamin has discussed and answer the following questions in your English book.

Remember: You should use full sentences and use the question in your answer. I have given you a head start on the first question.

  1. Why does Ben describe his film making style as unorthodox?

Benjamin describes his film making style as unorthodox as he ….

2. Use what you have learned so far this term to describe what the ‘usual’ film making process is. Think about what we learned with Michael during our incursion and the process you and your group have used.

3.Which part of the process does Ben enjoy the most?

4. Why do you think Benjamin describes the film making process as a “roller coaster of emotions”?

5. Do you think Benjamin’s unorthodox was of film making is effective? Why? Why not? Make a list of reasons for and against this was of film making.


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