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April, 2019

  1. Homework Week 2 Term 2

    April 29, 2019 by Mr Richo

    Welcome to Term 2 everyone.

    Use your homework book. Even week book please.

    Remember HEADINGS and NEATNESS.

    1. Read the RELATIONSHIPS AND OPTIMISM section of your planner. Fill in the relationship with your teacher section.
    2. Mathematics: MEAN MEDIAN MODE. Collect a set of data. Show the mean of the data set. Then show the median and the mode. (Data sets might include sports, shopping items, water consumption, test results etc.)  **Collect at least 6 items for your data set.
    3. SCIENCE (Google time!) – Who is WILLIAM GILBERT? What did he do? A few dot points should be enough for this activity.

    MATHLETICS – complete a data activity.

    PS. If you need more information about Mean Median and Mode you can watch the movie under this post.



  2. Mean Median Mode

    April 29, 2019 by Mr Richo

    This week in Grade 6 we are finding out about data and how we use Mean Median and Mode when looking at data sets.


    The movie below is a great place to start.


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