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October, 2019

  1. Mathematics Revision

    October 29, 2019 by Mr Richo

    Level 1 – Do this if you are building up your confidence.


    Level 1 math


    Level 2 – Measurement – I will call this one optional but it is worth doing for sure.


    Volume math


    Level 3 – for the ones who want a challenge. (A chance to apply your algebra skills.)


    Level 3 math


  2. Adverbs – They help verbs – Good on them!

    October 28, 2019 by Mr Richo



    Complete at least one of these links about adverbs.


    Adverbs 1


    Adverbs 2

  3. Recounts – Yearbook

    October 14, 2019 by Mr Richo



    By now, you should have selected an aspect of Grade 6 to investigate and write about. 


    Within your recount, you need to make sure you include the following.


    Describing the incident:

    • Who was involved?
    • How would you describe the people?
    • Describe how the surroundings appeared to you at the time.
    • What exactly happened? Why was it memorable?

    Describing how you felt:

    • How did you feel at the time?
    • How do you feel about it now?
    • Remember, a personal incident is not just a story about something that happened. It is a reflection on how a past incident played a specific role in shaping who a person has become.

    You are only to use 1 page when publishing your report.



    Camp: Archery Camp: Flying Fox Camp: High Ropes Camp: Orienteering
    Camp: Horse Riding Camp: After dinner activities  Camp: Cabins Camp:
    Interschool Sport: Basketball Interschool Sport: Cricket Interschool Sport: Volleyball Interschool Sport: Hot shots
    Interschool Sport: Rounders Interschool Sport: Softball Interschool Sport: Football Interschool Sport: Soccer
    Interschool Sport: Netball Athletics Swimming Cross Country
    Wakakirri Life Ed Earn and Learn Decorate Your Bedroom
    Housing Estate Buddies Pupil of the Week Footy Pie Day
    Film Festival Colour Run iPads Dodgeball
    Spheros Lunchtimes Art PE
    Italian Music Pegasus GATEWAYS
    Learning Leaders Buddy Library Leadership Badges Blue polo shirt
    Grade 6 jumpers Friendship Cybersafety Bedroom Expo
    Market Day with Buddies Italian Week Italian Dress up Parade Lunch orders
    Homework Apollo News Sports reports OSHClub (After school care)
    Favourite apps Blog School photos


  4. Verbs – tense

    October 7, 2019 by Mr Richo

    Improve your grammar skills!

    Complete this activity in your English book.

    Remember – neat handwriting, rule your page.

    Number each response clearly.


    Click on the links below.

    Verbs tense 1


    Verbs 2


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