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This year in Grade 5 we have been enjoying using the class blog to reflect on our learning and get excited about upcoming activities. We have learnt that ‘Quality Commenting’ is a very important aspect of blogging.

What does a quality comment include?

Why is quality commenting important?


  1. Max says:

    Did you know an avalanche can reach speeds of one hundred to one hundred and thirty kilometres an hour it is very dangerous and there is a massive percentage of death for you if you get caught in it so be very careful when you go to the snow. Reminder to all you pain enthusiasts, those who are scientifically challenged, frequent hospital patients, people who lack common sense and demolitionists do not set off huge sticks of dynamite as it will probably create a huge Avalanche and either bury you or the dynamite will kill you or you will survive from max

  2. Liam McM says:

    Liam McM

    1. About how many photos are uploaded online every day? There are 2,000,000,000 a day.
    2. Give an example of a social media app that kids are uploading
    photos to. Instagram Facebook.
    3. How did the kids in the BTN story react to the terms and
    conditions of Instagram? Surprised and a little guilty.
    4. When you agree to terms and conditions, you’re basically signing
    a Contact.
    5. What has a law firm in the UK done to help kids understand what
    they’re signing up to? They made a kids letter.
    6. What were the kids surprised to discover about the terms and
    conditions? That people can steal there videos.
    7. Do you use social media? If so, which ones? YouTube
    8. How has your thinking changed about social media since watching the BTN
    story? I am ok with it.
    9. Do you think social media companies should be doing more to
    help young people understand what they’re signing up to? No you need to take good care of your self.

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