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  1. Homework Week 8

    September 2, 2019 by Mr Richo

    1. Procedural writing – Try to get this short movie completed by Wednesday.


    You need to make a short film of you doing a procedure at home. You could be cooking something, repairing something, completing a household chore, setting an alarm, making a market day product. etc. Have you got ideas too?


    You will be using this movie to create a written version later in the term.


    ** Please chat to your teacher if you have a problem meeting this timeline. (eg. if you need an extension.)



    2. Earn and Learn – complete this in your green book. 


    Watch the clip on Inflation.

    1. What is inflation?
    2. Why does inflation happen?
    3. What happens to goods and services when we have inflation?
    4. How does this affect people and the way they live?
    5. What is contributing to inflation in Australia at the moment?
    6. What are interest rates?
    7. How does increasing interest rates slow down inflation
    8. What is the role of the Reserve Bank?
    9. How might this affect your Earn & Learn business?


    3. Optional – do some of the activities on page 90 of your Student Planner.


  2. Homework Week 2 Term 2

    April 29, 2019 by Mr Richo

    Welcome to Term 2 everyone.

    Use your homework book. Even week book please.

    Remember HEADINGS and NEATNESS.

    1. Read the RELATIONSHIPS AND OPTIMISM section of your planner. Fill in the relationship with your teacher section.
    2. Mathematics: MEAN MEDIAN MODE. Collect a set of data. Show the mean of the data set. Then show the median and the mode. (Data sets might include sports, shopping items, water consumption, test results etc.)  **Collect at least 6 items for your data set.
    3. SCIENCE (Google time!) – Who is WILLIAM GILBERT? What did he do? A few dot points should be enough for this activity.

    MATHLETICS – complete a data activity.

    PS. If you need more information about Mean Median and Mode you can watch the movie under this post.



  3. Homework Week 9

    March 25, 2019 by Mr Richo

    1. Writing

    Turn to page 145 in your planner. Read the PUNCTUATION section.

    Your task is to write at least two paragraphs using all of the punctuation mentioned.

    Topic suggestions: A Sports Report, A dinner conversation at school camp or I played a great game that day.

    or….. make up your own topic.


    2. Inquiry

    We want you to practice interpreting geographical information and data in maps.

    You will need to look up a map topic. eg. South Africa resources map, China population map or Canada water distribution map. All three of these searches will provide you with map images. (Choose countries that you are interested in perhaps.)

    Make a copy of the map you want.(draw or download)

    Describe what the map is showing you.

    It’s pretty open ended. You can take this as far as you want. You can do 1 map or more if you like.

    Does your map have a key? Are there different colour shadings – what do they show?

    You are analysing what you are looking at. It is similar to the work we did in class when we studied Literacy, Water quality and Food.


  4. Homework Week 8

    March 18, 2019 by Mr Richo

    Our first task is spelling.

    Time to practise the silent final ‘E’ words discussed in class. Use the template to fill in words in each job category. Get new words from a book you are reading or online reading that you are doing.

    The template is below if you want to use it. Put this task into your green even homework book.

    silent final e

    The second task is times tables.

    Choose two tables that you are not confident that you know. Practice (maybe write them twice). Try to get someone at home to test you. (Put your practice tables into your homework book.)

    The third task is multiplication. 

    We want you to set out two problems for practice. eg. Easier level is 23 X 46. Harder is 323 X 625

    (Make up your own even harder challenge if you want.)

    Focus on neat setting out, red lines for answers and lining up your numbers in correct place value order.

    Complete in your homework book.


    Spend a little time completing some Mathletics tasks.

  5. Homework week 4

    February 18, 2019 by Mr Richo

    This week we want you to complete the MINDFULNESS task on page 30 of your planner.

    It’s called HOLIDAY 1.

    WRITE the response in your homework book and then PRESENT  a short talk to the class. (20 – 40 seconds)

    This is an open ended task. You can plan the Hawaii trip in detail if you like. From your home to Honolulu.


    INQUIRY – why did people come to Australia and start a new life?

    What are your family origins? Where in the world is your family originally from. Do you know the reasons your family came to Australia?

    Put the details in your homework book.


    Camp payments – camp is not far away. 9 school days from Tuesday.

    Mathletics notes to be returned.

    Photos next Monday.

    Plan and Rehearse your camp talent act.


  6. Homework week 3

    February 10, 2019 by Mr Richo

    The Grade 6 teachers are amazed at the effort made by most students last week.Keep it up.

    You need your odd homework book this week.

    Choose up to 3 more great work strengths to write about from your planner. This weeks are on page 9.

    Use the vocabulary list in the planner to write a paragraph. Your challenge is to include as many of the words in the list in your paragraph. Write each included word in red pen.

    Complete the maths tasks in your planner for this week.

    Your teacher will be talking about a new way to do sports reports this year. Your must create a fictional sports report to practise your reporting skills.

    The instructions for this years reports are in the link below. Open it and read the instructions carefully.

    sports reports 2019-1w32ho7

    Have a great week everybody!

  7. Homework Week 2 (beginning Feb 4th)

    January 29, 2019 by Mr Richo



    1. Go to Pages 6 and 7 of your student planner.

    These pages relate to your strengths and emotions.

    Read and complete the tasks on these pages.


    2. Complete up to 3 of the Strength and emotion challenges on Page 8.


    3. You can enjoy completing some of the tasks on page 26 this week. (We will be using things like the Vocabulary Builder for spelling during the year.)


    4. Present your planner for a teacher signature/stamp/initial etc on Monday mornings.



  8. Homework – Term 4

    November 12, 2018 by Mr Richo



  9. Homework – Term 4 Week 5

    November 1, 2018 by Mr Richo

    Term 4 week 5: Due Friday 9 November


    Find the mean, median, mode and range of the weight of each of the Melbourne Cup jockeys.

    Show your working in your book.

    Homework club is on Thursday if you need any assistance.


  10. Homework week 3

    July 30, 2018 by Mr Richo

    Here is the new version of homework – the other one we looked at was out of date.

    Here is the real one! It’s much easier!!!!! And more fun too!


    HW T3 W3

    (Minimum of 10 photos)


    (Also on Miss Clarke’s blog.)

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