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  1. Homework Week 9

    September 7, 2016 by Mr Richo


  2. Homework

    August 31, 2016 by Mr Richo

    Hello 5R. I have a really bad flu/virus and so cannot attend school. I am sure that you are being well looked after.

    The homework assignment is below if you have not already got it.



    Enjoy your week.


    Mr Richardson

  3. Homework- week 3 T3

    July 25, 2016 by Mr Richo

  4. Homework- Week 2 T3

    July 18, 2016 by Mr Richo

  5. Homework Week 10

    June 21, 2016 by Mr Richo

    Homework for week 10

    Optional activity – For those who wish to have a challenge. (Well done Sebastian – already done!)

    As you have been so busy celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, the homework task recognises the short week. I hope everyone has prepared their brief talk about an organisation that assists those affected by natural disasters.




    Here is the problem you are going to investigate this week.

    Your teachers want to see how you go about working your way through a problem.

    What strategies will you use?

    Will you make the problem?

    Draw the problem?

    Discuss the problem?

    How will you show others your thinking?

    Show your mathematical thinking clearly. You can use any resources you like.


    Students were preparing to run a stall selling ‘spider drinks’ at the school fair. They were asked to create a
    simple budget to run the stall and work out how much ice-cream, soft drink and cups they could buy within their
    budget. The cost of ingredients and cups were provided to the students as follows:
    Total funds: $150.00. Show clearly how you are going to spend this $150.00
    Ice-cream: $3.50 per 4-litre container
    Soft drink: $2.00 per 1-litre or $2.50 for 2 litres
    Plastic cups: $1.99 for 25 cups
    Show your working out anyway you like. PS- if you don’t know what a ‘spider drink’ is, it is a softdrink with a scoop of icecream floating on top.
    Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.31.25 PM

    Hint- how many mls will your cup hold? How many cups can you get from 1 litre? How many scoops of icecream will you get from 1 tub?

    Get the idea.  You can use your iPad to present your findings if you like.

  6. Homework Week 7

    May 25, 2016 by Mr Richo

    Natural Disasters


    Read the explanations below (you have been given hard copies)

    Cyclone book part2

    Cyclone book

    Underline the keywords from the questions that you will use in your answers.

    Complete your answers in your homework book.

    a. Approximately how many cyclones strike Australia each year?
    b. What temperature does the ocean water need to be heated to for a cyclone to form?
    c. What causes the winds to rotate?
    d. What happens if a cyclone runs into other strong winds?
    e. When is Northern Australia’s cyclone season?
    f. What does the Australian cyclone scale go up to?

    Task 2-homework book task

    In your homework book -divide the page into 2 columns.

    In the first column copy the information from the DAMAGE COLUMN.

    In the second column draw a ‘cartoon’ showing the type of damage that category causes.


    Task 3. Ipad task.

    There are many types of instruments used to measure our weather. Go to the link above and write a sentence explaining what each of these instruments measure. Find a Google image to go with each description.

    1. Thermometer
    2. Barometer
    3. Rain gauge
    4. wind vane
    5. anemometer
    6. weather balloon
    7. weather satellite

    Task 4.  Bureau of Meteorology

    Screen capture the map of Victoria and describe what you see.

    Is rain heading Greensborough’s way? Find Watsonia, it is our nearest suburb.


    Continue on with Spellodrome and Mathletics tasks.

  7. Homework Week 5

    May 10, 2016 by Mr Richo

    T2_W5     T2_W5 Image

    Extra persuasive writing practise – write a persuasive piece on ‘Should school be all year round?’ – do you agree or disagree?

  8. Homework week 4

    May 3, 2016 by Mr Richo

    T2_W4 Homework

  9. Homework week 8

    March 16, 2016 by Mr Richo

    Due: Monday 21st March, 2016


    – Bring in an artefact for your Writer’s Notebook

    – Camp payments due!


    Task 1: English – Narratives

    During class this week we have been exploring the text type narratives.

    Complete the following worksheet ‘The legend of the three sisters’ in your homework book.


    Task 2: Maths – Lattice Multiplication

    During class this week you have learnt the lattice multiplication strategy to help you solve multiplication problems.

    Complete the lattice multiplication worksheet in your homework book.


    Task 3: Maths – Mathletics


    1. Complete the assigned tasks on your Mathletics.
    2. Complete an activity/game of your choice.



    Task 4: Italian


    Complete the attached Italian Homework document for Signora DiPierro and Signora Licastro.

    Narrative Text

    Lattice Activity 2

    Italian homework


  10. Homework Week 7

    March 6, 2016 by Mr Richo

    Homework T1W72016

    Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.17.08 am

    graphing page

    graphing page 2


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