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March 15, 2018 by Mr Richo    Edit

Learning Intention: Understanding how to place decimals, fractions and percentages on a number line.


10 witches hats per group. (6 groups maximum)

10 cards per group with a mix of fractions, decimals and percentages. (between 0 and 2)

blutack to attach cards to hats.


The group are given the cards and must place them in order from the netball end of the oval, finishing the line at the playground end.

Variation – all groups have different lengths of the oval on which to place their hats. (30 metres, 50 metres etc.)



Data Interpretation – Smarties


One packet of Smarties each. Present this task using your iPad.

Write predictions. For example, what is the chance of  getting a packet with 10? 5 red?

Open packets.

Record data in a table by counting and tallying.

Create a bar graph

Take a photo using your iPad.

Make an interpretation.  eg.There are more red, my prediction was correct.

Make a comparison to someone else’s data.

Put Smarties in a circle,  create a pie graph. Photograph.

Write fractions about your Smarties. eg. if there were 12 Smarties in a box and 3 were red, 3/12s were red.

Use the calculator to work out percentages.

Enter into Numbers app, create a graph and write your interpretations.

Well done! Enjoy your smarties.:)

Which data display – bar graph or pie graph do you think was most effective? Why?



Design and finance your very own…

Your task is to create a budget and plan for a class end of year party.

You have four parts of the party that you need to take into consideration

  1. Decorations
  2. Entertainment
  3. Food
  4. Drinks

You have a budget of $1000. Try to spend as close to that $1000 as possible, however you cannot spend more than this amount.

You will need to ensure there is enough food and drink for the total number of students in your class, and your classroom teacher.

You will be using the app ‘Numbers’ to create a spreadsheet to help you organise your money.

You can research decorations, entertainment, food and drink on the internet. You cannot use ‘eBay’ to search for items. Here are a list of recommended websites but feel free to find your own.



Food & Drinks 

When costing out your items, you must get three different quotes from three different stores and then choose the cheapest.

For example:

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.35.40 pm

In decorations, you can see that the balloons all have different quantities. In these situations you will have to think about which deal is more value for money. If you were to buy two packets of 50 balloons from Lombards it would be $19.92 but Party Products are selling 100 for $15.42, therefore it is cheaper.

Download the template for your Numbers spreadsheet off your grade server and have fun :)






Try out this great website for some fun activities:

Volume shipping container design brief.

Shipping Container Design Brief




  1. adam says:

    Mr Richo, I have redeemed myself from yesterday because a 10:00pm last night my dad and I figured out how to do the hard decimal problems.

  2. Mr Richo says:

    Adam you are a math legend. I love your determination. Pleased to see that you challenged yourself.

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