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a May 5, 2016

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    May 5, 2016 by Mr Richo

    Coming up next week.

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    The cattle dog looks out and sniffs the air. At first the rain is a welcome
    arrival after the dry spell, and the land looks green again. However the rain
    soon becomes too heavy and causes a surge into the river. The river bursts its banks and the water flows into the town, causing a great flood. Everyone is scared as they escape onto roofs and into boats. The flood causes a lot of
    destruction to  homes and buildings and even the boardwalk gets swept away
    down the swollen river. But there are lots of brave heroes, like the tug boat
    that stops the board walk from crashing into the bridge, and the strangers
    that wade into the water to rescue people. As the water finally recedes
    lots of people came to help with the clean up and to offer food and hope.
    Bruce Whatley questions the use of the word ‘heroes’ in the story ‘FLOOD’.
    “Are they heroes? They are giants!”
    1 Who are the unusual main characters in the story?
    2 Why do you think these characters were chosen by the author and illustrator?
    3 Who are the giants in the story?
    4 Describe their ‘giant’ acts during and after the devastating floods.
     5 Write a glossary for the underlined words in the text.
    Create your own Bruce Whatley style illustration.
    This may help with the questions about the characters in the story.
    The story uses a clever way to connect with different people: it has an animal as a central character, or a narrator. Lots of authors and illustrators useanimals instead of humans because no matter whom we are, we can relate to an animal more easily than a human who might not look like us.
    Jackie didn‟t know that Bruce would make a dog the main character, but for Bruce “The dog became the symbol of Australia and the Australian spirit. It became
    the eyewitness for us in this particular narrative.” Although the story begins with a terrible event, it takes a more positive turn as people come together to help each other.
    Jackie also wanted to celebrate the Australian spirit in a time of great difficulty: “More than 60,000 volunteers helped with the cleanup

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